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 We have decided that it is time
for us to sell all of our goats, with the exception
of a few that we will keep as pets. 

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The sale of our Nigerian Dwarfs is going good. 
We have sold all of our available does,
and currently have one six-month old buckling
and two mature bucks
for sale.
These can be seen on
"Our Sale Barn" and "Our Bucks" pages.

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After viewing these pages,
please let us know
of any questions you may have on any of them. 
We appreciate your interest and
these Nigerian Dwarfs
are certainly a delight to raise.
 Here at Tiny Waters Ranch
we have enjoyed raising Nigerian Dwarf goats. 
 In early 2011 we completed the transition from raising Boer, then Savanna and Kiko meat goats to
Nigerian Dwarf milk goats. 
We certainly had a love for all of
these meat goats but we have found the smaller 
Nigerian Dwarf milk goats 
are much easier for us to handle. 
They are a joy for us
and they keep us very active.
Each of you that has visited our website
for the meat goats
and now our milk goats,
purchased goats from us, gave us a call, 
or sold goats to us,
we certainly appreciate you. 
We hope you found or will find something that meets your needs and wish you the utmost success in
whatever venture you are pursuing. 
For those of you who have, or who are considering
the Nigerian Dwarf milk goats, we welcome you and hope you find what you are looking for. 
Please contact us and let us know how we can
help you.
The Nigerian Dwarfs are certainly a delight
and we hope you enjoy raising them as much as we do.
Early morning at Tiny Waters Ranch
For the protection of our goats,
we have two
Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepherd
guard dogs.
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